Larry's Workout

A group of my co-workers and I were discussing weightlifting training sessions the other day. One of the guys, Larry, offered his weightlifting workout schedule.

Larry likes to make his workout go fast and he feels he gets an aerobic workout with his strength training. Larry starts a clock after each set and after one minute he starts on the next set. This methodology allows him to get through his weight training quickly. He can be finished in about 45 minutes with each workout.

We all use weight training programs that we have read in books or seen on TV or that we learned at the gym from fellow weightlifters. And whether we are trying to bulk up, be lean and mean or just keep in shape we utilize workouts that we like and we feel help us. Larry's workouts come from books that he read showing Arnold Schwartzenegger's methods. I will share Larry's weight training workouts later in this article.

Hard Body - Body Builder Workout has Excellent articles dealing with proper weightlifting techniques and offering workout plans for the beginning weightlifter or experienced bodybuilder.

What do you do to bulk up? Do you lift massive weights with few repetitions, trying to build the largest mass you can? Do you do many repetitions with lighter weights? Are you consistent with your weightlifting routine? Do you go to the gym and lift with friends, or have you set up your home environment with the perfect weights for your workouts?

Weightlift to Build Mass

My friend, Brad, goes to the gym and lifts with others. They are working on mass. Brad has huge legs and eats right to develop muscle mass. Larry has the perfect gym at home. He doesn't do many repetitions, but he does keep his workout fast. Larry doesn't eat perfectly and he even brews beer at home, that he drinks regularly. They are both doing the routines that work for their goals and lifestyle desires.

And I think that is what each of us have to do. We have to be willing to find a weightlifting workout that fits within our schedules and fitness needs. The more weightlifters I speak with, the huge variance I see in their level of fitness, their muscle mass and their training methodologies. What works right for you? Are you looking for the huge muscles? Just trying to keep in shape and keep the weight off?

My wife goes to the gym and takes a spinning class a couple of times a week. She also knows how important it is to weightlift. When we lift heavy weights, we strengthen our muscles and also keep our bones strong. Once people reach their fifties, they need to keep aerobically fit, stretch regularly and do something to keep their muscles and bones strong.

As you read the following workout, be sure to remember to rest after each set or superset. Larry rests for exactly one minute. He also does a fast aerobically challenging workout getting his pulse up to 150 BPM. If you want to build mass then use heavier weights, less repetitions and rest for up to 3 minutes between sets. As you decrease reps you can increase weight.

Here is Larry's weight training workout:

Workout Day One
Superset Bench Press 15 reps 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Wide Grip Chins 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps
Superset Incline Dumbbell Press 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Close Grip Chins 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps
Superset Parallel Bar Dips 12 reps 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Seat / Bent Rows 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps
Workout Day Two
Thighs Squats 15 reps 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Leg Press 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps 6 reps
Hack Squats 15 reps 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Hams Leg Curl 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Standing Calf Raise Calves 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps
Workout Day Three
Superset Barbell Press (Behind) 15 reps 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Dumbbell Laterals 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Superset Barbell Press (Front) 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Bent Over Dumbbell Laterals 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Superset Barbell Curls 15 reps 10 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Narrow Dips 12 reps 12 reps 12 reps 12 reps
Superset Alternate Dumbbell Curls 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps
Triceps Cable Pushdowns 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps 8 reps

Remember, this is what works for Larry. It may not work for you. You have to look at your level of fitness and health and fitness goals and find a weightlifting routine that meets your needs. If everybody had to follow my routine then people would be bored or would get injured. Everybody is a little bit different.

I hope this article was informative and will help you as you formulate your fitness needs. Weightlifting is an excellent way to keep you fit and strong. You only get one body in life, use it wisely.

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