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Week Three
Day One Day Two
Squat Incline Bench Press
Hack Squat Dumbbell Fly
Leg Curl Bench Press
Leg Extension Lying Cross Shoulder Triceps
Heel Raise with Dumbbell Parallel Dips with Weight Plate
Ankle Flexion with Weight Plate Tricep Extensions with Dumbbells
Stationary Lunge with Dumbbell Dumbbell Side Bend

Day Three Day Four
Upright Row Seated Row with Machine
Side Deltoid Raise Dumbbell Swing
Shrug Wide Grip Row
Front Deltoid Raise One Arm Dumbbell Row
Behind the Neck Press with Barbell Preacher Curls
Pull Ups / Chin Ups Reverse Grip Barbell Curl
Reverse Grip Pull Ups Cheater Curls
Forearm Curl
Reverse Forearm Curl

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