Three Day 12 Exercise Circuit Training With Free Weights Workout

Part of the You Can Learn Weightlifting series.
By Ken Brown
June 14, 2008

Tone Up and Lose Weight

If you have committed to toning up and losing weight then this workout is for you. You are in control of this workout and it doesn't require a full gym. Just some free weights and you are getting the body in shape for your summer swim suit, fall basketball or winter sports.

This is circuit training. Start at exercise one and work through all the exercises then take a 3 minute break. Then start all over again at exercise number one. It should take you about 15 minutes per circuit so 2 to 4 cycles will take you 30 minutes to one hour.

Circuit Training Program Works the Entire Body

This program will work the entire body. If you are just looking to tone then do 10 to 15 sets at lower weights. You won't get huge, but your body will look great. You will lose weight instead of gaining weight. You will readjust your body from fat to fabulous.

If you are looking to bulk up for football there are other weight programs that will work better for you. But, if you just want to be competitive for basketball without losing your shooting touch then this program will work for you. Go heavy on the weights and shoot for 8 to 12 reps on each exercise.

Benefit on the Negative Lift

Take your time as you do each exercise. You can benefit as much on the negative lift as you do on the up lift. Do as much weight as you can handle comfortably. This program is not to make you a bodybuilder or Olympic weight lifter. It is to tone your body and to make your body look great.

Once a week add 2 to 10 pounds to each exercise and on the other days cut back to more manageable weights. You have to keep your body on edge a little bit to keep it growing. You should be able to burn 200 to 500 calories in a 30 minute to 60 minute workout. It makes a great way to start the day and to feel good about your body all day long. It will help define your natural curves and make you feel great.

This exercise routine will work for males and females. Women can cut back on the amount of weights and get the body that make guys whistle at you. It can easily become a routine while you listen to the morning news, watch daytime soap operas, think and plan your day or keep an eye on the little ones.

Circuit Training Works the Entire Body

First the program works the legs with Squats and leg curls. If you don't have a weight bench with leg attachments then substitute the leg curls with a set of lunges.

Next on the circuit is to work your chest muscles. You begin with a set of bench presses and then go into the dumbbell fly. Don't spend a lot of time between exercies. Finish one exercise and then transition to the other quickly. If you get bored on any phase then put your weight bench in an incline or even a decline position. That will keep the exercise fresh to you and will work other muscles, but the same muscle group.

After the chest you transition to the triceps. The chest workouts actually work the triceps, too, but you want to concentrate a little on the triceps. YOu begin with the French Curl and then complete the tricep portion with the Dumbbell kick back.

Classic Exercises for the Shoulder Muscles

Next up are the shoulder exercises. Here we present a couple of classic exercises for the shoulders. First is the military press with barbell. Feel free to substitute dumbbells for this exercise. Women especially will want to use dumbbells instead of the heavier barbell. The second exercise in this set for the shoulders is the upright row.

A strong back will go a long way to helping you with everyday tasks like taking out the garbage and lifting the young children in the house. So, the next set of exercises works the back and lower back. If you have back problems either use low weights or skip this exercise. No reason to make your back worse. The lifts include the wide grip row and the good morning or toe touch. Use really low weight on the toe touch and come back slowly to standing. Good posture is important and the stretch is good also.

Finally, it is time for the biceps. Begin with the Preacher curls using whatever works best for you, dumbbells or barbells. If you don't have a bench attachment for preacher curls then do a seated curl with dumbbells. Same exercise which will work the same set of muscles. You finish the circuit training with cheater curls. I would encourage you not to cheat. Use weights you can handle. Do the exercise slowly working just as hard on the downward motion as you do on the upward motion.
Legs Squat
Leg Curls
Chest Bench Press
Dumbbell Fly
Triceps French Curl
Dumbbell Kick Back
Shoulders Military Press with Barbell
Upright Row
Back Wide Grip Row
Toe Touch with Dumbbells or Good Morning or Lat Pull Downs
Biceps Preacher Curls
Cheater Curls

In Two Weeks You Will Feel and Look Great

Try this exercise circuit training for two weeks and tell me you don't feel better. I like to plop a DVD in the TV and over the course of 1 or 2 weeks I will end up watching the entire movie. The exercises go fast and you don't feel like you are totally exhausting your muscle groups. You are still excited to do another set and you don't cringe about "tomorrow's workout."

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