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By Ken Brown
January 4, 2007

Here is a wonderful little tool from SEO Chat that will help you determine the proper price to charge for your text link ads.

One of the quandries I ran across as I was building my webpages was what is the proper price to charge for text link ads? I would randomly look at what other companies were charging and kind of guess what might be an appropriate amount. But, what if there was an algorithm that could easily be applied to any web page on your site to determine the exact worth of that page to other web masters? Would you use it and do you think it would prove useful?

Of course it would be a perfect tool to use. It would take the guess work out of the equation and the tool could look at multiple factors on a web site. What is the current PR of the page? Who else links to your site? What is the worth of a specific page? All these questions are entered into the equation and a value is assigned to your page. Perfect every time.

Now after you run the tool, you may find you can charge more or that other factors reduce your chances of getting full value for your pages. All web sites are different and people can perceive a different value based on other factors such as the Alexa score and look and feel of your web site. But, at least you now have a starting point.

The tool is easy to use. Just type in (or copy) your web page into the box, type in the letters displayed at the bottom box and click the submit button. The tool analyzes the page and returns a suggested Link Price in US dollars. Have you ever seen anything so easy before? Start using this tool to boost your advertising revenue or maybe to bargain down web master's web sites where you want to advertise.

The important thing about the link price calculator is it gives you information and with information you have the Power in your hands to make good, rational and profitable decisions for your business and website.

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