The Number One Key to Internet Success - Fresh Content

Part of the You Can Learn Web Success Techniques series.
By Ken Brown
December 4, 2004

Fresh Content - Number 1 Key to Internet Success

Are you looking for the Holy Grail of Internet success? Would you like to know what drives the web and causes some companies to fail and others to grow exponentially each year? Why does one site get visited once and nobody ever comes back and yet others continue to be visited over and over by the same people? This article will answer that question.

What sites do you visit on a regular basis? We all have been told about a really fantastic site, a must see, we go there once, maybe twice and never return. Why don't we go back? Easy answer, nothing has changed. The second time we went there it had the same material that was there the first time.

The internet is the place we go to get information. This is why this is called the information age. Back in the 1800's it could take a year before information was disseminated across the country. Today, information is exchanged in a fraction of that time. As a web business person you are responsible to provide accurate and timely information on a recurring basis.

Do you ever go to a website like Dilbert? Scott Adams has created a fortune with his comic strip character and has made it available on the internet. You can go there everyday and see Scott Adam's latest creation. Everyday it changes and everyday you get the opportunity to laugh again at the antics of the "pointy haired boss" and his team of characters. Now, would you keep going back if Scott Adams stopped writing his comic strip? Probably not. Because it is the newness of the information that you seek.

Granted he could repackage it in different ways so you would keep going back. But did you notice, he wouldn't be keeping it the same. It would appear to be fresh new content. That is the number one key to Internet success. Keep your website growing and hopping with fresh new content.

Where Do You Get Fresh New Content?

Where do you get new content? That is a tough question that is not always easy to answer. I am in the computer industry where there is something new happening constantly. Just when I think I have a clue about what is going on in the industry, somebody creates a new product or Microsoft changes their operating system and I am back to square one, relearning everything.

Not every industry is like that, but most industries have something new happening that is worth telling their customers about. My daughter and her husband run a recording studio, Apocalypse Cow, in the Chicagoland area. They are constantly finding new things to put on their website. Where do they get the content?

There is always something new and fun happening at the recording studio. Who is in recording this month? Have they purchased new equipment to improve the studio? What kind of music is being played? How are the bands that they record doing on the music charts? Who is new in the studio? What are the bands that have recorded previously with Apocalypse Cow doing? Are they recording new music or reworking old favorites?

How can you relate that to your industry and market? Have you hired someone new to help your customers? Tell us about it. Have you purchased new equipment or new software that will enhance your ability to service your clients and users? Tell us about it. Have you done something to make industry news, tell us about it. Some people have pets or children doing interesting things. Tell us what is interesting and keep telling us every month.

Keep Your Clients out of Jail

Is there a new product on the market that will save your customer's money, increase productivity, or decrease costs? Has there been a switch in the industry to something new that is important your clients be made aware of? This is so important in the accounting industry, where congress changes the laws every year. You better make sure your clients know about a change in the tax law before they go to jail.

Every industry has things changing regularly. Your industry is no different. I love gardening and every season something new is happening. You need to be planting, weeding, enjoying or harvesting throughout the year. Tell me what I should be doing today. Content is King.

You can put up little calculators and useful software tools that your customers can use to get information they need to make a buying decision. For example, when the mortgage rates were falling in early 2004, I would go to a website that showed today's current rate. That site also had calculators that allowed me to determine the cost of the loan, cost per month and what would occur if I paid extra each month on top of my standard principal and interest amount.

Is there something you can add to your website that would improve your customer's experience? And provide a reason to bring your customers back tomorrow and the next day.

If you are adding important new information to your website, it is relevant, it adds value to your industry and it is accurate other good things will happen. If I visit a site that has important information, I might link to it so my customers will enjoy that information also. Eventually, your content will be picked up by the search engines and people will type in their keywords and will be directed to your site for the information. New content and relevant content drives traffic to your site. If a lot of people link to you then you are considered an expert or leader in the industry and your value in the search engines go up.

If you are considered an expert, then people want to buy from you, use your services and pretty much help your business to grow. New, fresh content can make exciting things happen for you and your company.

The Three Most Important Facets of Internet Marketing

So the three most important facets of internet marketing are, provide fresh new content, provide fresh new content and provide fresh new content. Where do you get the fresh new content? Look around you. It is in the people you hire, the customers you service, the products you sell and the knowledge you have spent the last few years generating in your industry.

If you are still having trouble writing up the fresh new content, then maybe I can help you for a small fee. Send me an email at webmaster [at] describing your content needs and maybe I can write for you each month.

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