Five Fun Things to do in Seattle

Part of the You Can Learn Travel series.
By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
April 26, 2014

Are You Going to Seattle Soon?

Start the Day in Pikes Farmers Market

In August 2013, Mary and I visited Seattle for the first time. We had a blast and found a few things you can do on a limited budget. Everything I will talk about today we did in one day. We didn't rush around. We took our time and visited for as long as we felt comfortable being in one spot. The day was clear and sunny. What? You thought it rained all the time in Seattle? So did we, but apparently sometimes there are nice days.

Our first stop was the Pikes Place Market. Where the keyword is fresh. Fresh foods, fresh fish, and fresh flowers. If we lived near here we would have fresh flowers everyday. They were amazing and relatively inexpensive. You have to see the fish markets where they throw fish across the counter. We stopped early on a Saturday morning, so the crowds weren't bad. You can easily spend 10 minutes to an hour depending on your interests. If you like Starbucks coffee, there is the original Starbucks shop across the street from the Market place.
Click to see larger Farmers Market Photo
Pike Place Farmer's Market
Start the morning at Pike Place Farmers Market. Fresh fish, flowers and great people watching.
Mary Stands next to a famous pig. It is a large Piggy bank with all donations going to a charitable cause.
Mary stands next to the famous piggy bank at Pikes Place Market
Famous Piggy Bank at Pikes Place Market in Seattle.

We Rode the Monorail

We wanted to get from the downtown area to the Space Needle. The easiest way without walking too far is to take the Monorail. It doesn't have a lot of stops and on a Saturday it isn't very crowded. You can hop on the Monorail at the Westlake Center which is about 4 blocks from Pikes Place Market. Then it is about a 5 minute ride to the Space Needle.

Now what do you want to do when you get to the Space Needle? Go Up? You can, but we took a few pictures of the space needle and then went to the Chihuly Glass Exhibit. We had seen his work in Chicago where Chihuly had created glass to fit within the Garfield Park Conservatory. It was fantastic and we wanted to see some more of his works.

The exhibit in Seattle met our expectations and more. There was a room where there was glass on the ceiling. Hundreds of different shapes of glass were suspended on clear glass panels and lighted from above. Then the next gallery room was filled with different shapes of glass from tall thin pieces to large and small ball shapes sitting in a canoe. Then the outdoor exhibits matched the amazing display in Chicago. If you see nothing else in Seattle spend an hour here. This is just a small sample of what is in the Garden of Glass exhibit.
Click on Space Needle Photo for Larger Look
A View of the Seattle Space Needle.
You can ride up to the top of the Space Needle and See the Seattle Skyline
The Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibit is a must see in Seattle.
Chihuly has made thousands of glass objects and placed them in natural spaces.
Nestled below the Space Needle is the Chihuly Exhibit
Click to see larger photo of Chihuly Exhibit.
The Chihuly gallery of glass is amazing
One of the gallery rooms is dark but the glass objects are out of this world.

Walk along the shore line and see Olympic Sculpture Park

Walk down to the shoreline of Puget Sound and visit Olympic Sculpture park. There are many interesting and different sculptures. The children can climb on the roof of a house (it isn't very high off the ground.) The photo opportunities are many and varied. You can take photos of the Space Needle and of the sail boats in Puget Sound. There is a rail road yard you can safely cross on a bridge.

You can take a little or a long amount of time in the park. It is very well manicured with clean and paved pathways. The day we were there, we saw two wedding parties getting photos of their special day using the park as a backdrop. I tell you, it is a gorgeous and special area of Seattle.
Click on Sculpture Photo for larger view
Great photos of the Space Needle from Olympic Scupture Park
Olympic Sculpture Park has some interesting sculptures.
Click to see larger photo of fountain in Olympic Scupture Park in Seattle.
Along with Sculptures there are some amazing fountains
Seattle has some wonderful fountains.

Cross Puget Sound on a Ferry.

When the day is almost done and if you still have some energy left in you, then take a rest by crossing Puget Sound on a ferry. It is a safe and fun way to go to Bainbridge Island. What is there to do on Bainbridge Island if you are a walker? You can go shopping or get an ice cream cone or a full meal if you are hungry. Anything from Pizza to sit down dinners with wine. You can take your car across if you are done walking for the day.

Again the opportunity presents itself for photos of the Seattle Skyline and on a clear day you will see the top of Mt Rainier National Park. A volcano in the area that isn't always visible from Seattle. We had excellent views of the mountain top the day we were in Seattle.

Now, you might ask how long were we in Seattle to see all these things? Seriously, we only spent a day downtown. We did all these sites in one day. You can easily make it a two or three day trip spending more time at the Space Needle. Or letting your children play in the water fountains at the Seattle Center. Many things are within walking distance of the Space Needle or take a taxi to some locations. Mary and I enjoy walking and we think we get a great feel of a city by walking. There is also a ferris wheel on the beach and many places to eat the freshest fish in the USA.

I hope you enjoy your trip and it turns out to be as fun for you as it was for us. I was impressed with the city and the people.
Click on Ferris Wheel Photo for larger view
Ferris Wheel as seen from the Ferry to Bainbridge Island
Ferris Wheel and Space Needle from the Puget Sound Ferry.
Click to see larger photo of Sailboat in Seattles Puget Sound.
Along with Sculptures there are some amazing fountains
You can sailboat on Puget Sound.


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