How to Create a Project, Part 1, How to Create a Solution

Part of the You Can Learn ASP.Net and C# series.
By Ken Brown
September 3, 2004

This is a two part article on creating projects in Visual Studio.
How to Create a Solution
How to Create a Project

One of the first important skills you should learn is how to create a project in Visual Studio.Net. Why learn something like this? I have found that someone will give me a task to complete within a project. So maybe you have a couple of ideas of how to solve this specific task. You want to test your ideas. Create a quick test project. Then add a couple of controls you want to test and get a quick answer to the best solution for your project.

With your little test application, you have a prototype to show your team members, team leader, project management team and even your client. Now you have the right answer instead of a potential answer. It's usually easy to cut and paste the controls and C# code into the actual project.

Let's get started ...

I am making the assumption that you have IIS installed your computer. If not, see our section on setting up IIS on your machine.
1. Open Visual Studio, you will normally see the Start Page. (See image below.)
Start screen in Visual Studio where you create a new Solution and a New Project

2. Choose New Project
3. Choose Visual Studio Solutions as the Project type
4. For the template highlight Blank Solution.
5. Type in the name "MyFirstSolution" in the name field and make sure the path or location is set to C:\inetpub\wwwroot.
(On the image below change the word "Solution1" to "MyFirstSolution" leave out the quote marks when you type in the field.)
6. Click on the Okay button.

The New Project Dialog Box for creating a class in Visual Studio

The New Project Dialog Box for creating a class in Visual Studio after changing the project name.

You have a solution created, now you can add a project. Solutions can contain multiple ASP.Net projects. On page two I will explain the next step in creating a project.
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