Fall Beauty Landscape Design

Part of the You Can Learn Landscaping and Gardening series.
By Ken Brown
Editor, YouCanLearnSeries.com
October 30, 2004

You will like this design, if you enjoy the beauty of swaying grasses and big beautiful mounds of flowers. The design fits into a triangular section of your yard no bigger than 15 feet wide by 12 feet deep.

You can put it against a back wall to view from the house or place it next to the house to enhance the beauty of your home. This would survive the harsh conditions next to the mailbox. You know, that area you never get out to water. The place that is abused during the winter with salt from the snow trucks. This little grouping would handle drought conditions very well.

You will be amazed at the beauty of the flowers as they begin blooming in August and continue into November. The grasses will entertain you all year long as there is always something cool happening with them. Whether it is the early green of spring, growing the seed pods, or the exciting dance of the grasses into the winter. The black-eyed susans will show a brilliance of color during the summer and then provide an interesting backdrop to the other plants as the flowers dry up.

Choose to add a couple of big landscape rocks for additional interest throughout the year. Feel free to plant your favorite annuals in between the perennials. Maybe a bright bouquet of Petunias in pinks or purples will really give you the contrast of low level plantings and the larger perennials.

This is a beautiful fall design with grasses, black-eyed susans and chrysanthemums
This is a beautiful fall design with grasses, black-eyed susans and chrysanthemums

Flower Quantity Interest Color
Chrysanthemums 8 Fall Purple
Black-Eyed Susan 5 or 6 Summer Yellow
Feather Reed Grass 10 Summer/Fall Golden

This is a plot showing the Fall Beauty Design with grasses, black-eyed susans and chrysanthemums
This is a plot showing the Fall Beauty Design

Feel free to change the design to meet your garden needs. Maybe reduce the number of Chrysanthemums to 5 and cut out the ones in back. There is only one row of black-eyed susans between the large Chrysanthemums and the grasses. Remember when you first plant this arrangement, the plants will be small. It will appear there is too much room between the plants. This is normal, you have to give them room to grow. Plant annuals the first couple of years to fill in the space. Here are two other views of this arrangement.

This is a view of the design with grasses, black-eyed susans and chrysanthemums from the front left

This is a view of the design with grasses, black-eyed susans and chrysanthemums from the front center

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