A List of Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard Garden

Part of the You Can Learn Landscaping and Gardening series.
By Ken Brown
Editor, YouCanLearnSeries.com
March 29, 2008

Are you looking to add some fragrant flowers to your backyard landscape? Would you like to walk around a corner of your home and smell the sweet fragrance of lilac bush? What perennials are known for their fragrance? Here is a list that I have accumulated of fragrant perennials.

Smell the Fragrance from these Landscape Perennials

What is the first thing most people do when they see a beautiful flower? They will bend over to smell the fragrance from the flower. We all love the fragrances that are emitted from flowers. Perfume manufacturers capture the fragrance and allow the beautiful women in our lives to entice us even more with this sweet perfume. Do fragrant perennials work in our yards? What plants should we place in our backyard garden so we can enjoy the fragrance as we drift softly to sleep with a slight breeze coming through an open summer window?

I think as you peruse this list you won't be surprised at the plants you find. Most of us know that a lilac, rose and lavender are sweet surrenders. But did you realize that Climbing Hydrangeas, water lilies and crabapple trees also qualify as fragrant plants, trees and perennials?

Click on Viburnum photo to see larger photo.
The Viburnum is a wonderful perennial to hide foundation walls and air conditioners. Plus as a bonus you can smell the beautiful fragrance it emits.
The Viburnum produces it's fragrant blooms in late spring.

A List of Fragrant Perennials

The Lily is a perfect fragrant flower. Give them good drainage and some sun and you will be blessed with their fragrance in early to late summer.

The Crocus is a popular spring bulb. You always know that warm weather is about to break out for good when the crocus begins to bloom. Usually your first fragrant flower of the year.

The Lily of the Valley has charmed generations of plant lovers. Not only with their beauty but with their unique shape.

The Sweet Woodruff is the perfect plant to use along a border next to the house. Enjoy their fragrance by the patio for May and June blooms.

Click on Butterfly Bush photo to see larger photo.
The Butterfly Bush provides sweet fragrance to attract butterflies in late summer
The Butterfly Bush is a fragrant perennial that blooms in the late summer.

More About the Butterfly Bush Here.
The grey green leaves of Lavender English burst into June and July blooms of lavender purple, white, pink or blue flowers.

Roses will enhance the beauty of your backyard garden and provide you with their sweet fragrance suitable for a queen.

The Lilac has always been one of my favorite fragrant perennials. Even though their flower is short lived you will detect the wonderful aroma long before you see the plant.

The Privet will give you a hedge with a scent that some like and others dislike. The May and June flowers bloom in white and the plant is hardy in extreme city conditions.

Rhododendrons or Rhododendrens are early spring bloomers that entice the eye and the olfactory. Look for these evergreen plants to bloom shortly after the snow has melted.

Add yellow flowers of the Spicebush to your landscape. This grow anywhere in any soil condition plant is quite attractive. The flowers will be seen in April.

Viburnum can hide a foundation wall, a fence or even an air conditioner and also offers fragrant white or pink spring and summer flowers.

Witchhazel is a strange plant that blooms for several weeks in cold weather. Depending on the variety you choose they will bloom in January and February or they bloom in December.

Click on Rose Bush photo to see larger photo.
The Rose will enheighten the senses all summer long with it's beauty and the fragrance so sweet.
A Rose by any other name would still smell so sweet.
The beauty of Crabapple tree is matched by the lovely scent from the spring flowers. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fragrance.

The Linden tree has flowers that bloom a creamy yellow in late June and July. Enjoy this popular shade tree for the foliage and the fragrant flowers.

Don't we all love the Magnolia? I have a Star Magnolia in my backyard. The snow is melting and I know it won't be long before the huge flowers burst from their cocoon. This is an easy care plant / tree.

Did you think the Maple Tree would be on our list? The Maple tree has spring blooms of yellow, red or green.

Climbing Hydrangea needs support and will climb most anything. It blooms in late June with white flowers.

A vine named the Dropmore Honeysuckle has fragrant red flowers. You can enjoy it's fragrance from June to August.

Japanese Wisteria is a vine that will enhance any spring time breeze. It is a climbing plant that will grow 20 to 30 feet. The spring flowers come in colors of pink, purple and white.

Click on Rhododendren photo to see larger photo.
The Rhododendren is a shade garden perennial that will provide you with early spring fragrance.
The Rhododendren is a spring bloomer and on our list of fragrant perennials.

More About the Rhododendren Here.
We all love the Lotus blossom for color, beauty and scent in our ponds and water gardens. They stand above the water from 1 to 6 feet with mid-summer colors of orange, pink, red, yellow and white.

A popular pond plant is the Water Lily. It comes in many colors including white, yellow, pink and more. Fragrance and flowers during the entire summer.

I love the Butterfly Bush. The flowers are very interesting and spent many a summer afternoon drinking in their bouquet.

Which is Your Favorite Fragrant Plant?

Which one of these fragrant garden plants will work best in your landscape design? Since you can get many different plants you could make a little garden in your yard that will have some fragrant flower blooming nearly all year long. Which is your favorite flowering plant?

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