Time to Lose the Holiday Weight

Part of the You Can Learn Good Health series.
By Ken Brown
Editor, YouCanLearnSeries.com
January 16, 2005

It's has been two weeks since New Years Day. Are you like me? Have you added a couple of inches around the waist? Has the scale been moving a little higher every week since Thanksgiving? I know mine has. I need to lose weight. I need a diet. I need to make a change. How about you?

In mid November, my wife and I went to Hawaii. I had eaten right, exercised and tried to stay in shape so I would look good when I went to the islands. I was okay. My bathing suit fit, my stomach didn't hang over my waistband. I was ready to be seen in public without my shirt on.

But since Thanksgiving, all that has changed. I relaxed my belt another notch just recently. I have been eating candy, Christmas cookies, and other assorted goodies designed to add weight to my body. I have gained over 8 pounds, that I am willing to admit. I have been walking regularly, but this eating right thing hasn't been working out too well.

Here is what I would like to do. And I want you to join me in this quest. I know what to do to lose my weight. Sometimes I need outside motivation. Maybe you do too.

I am going to begin a regular diary of my attempt to lose weight. I was deeply moved by the tv show, The Biggest Loser. All those people did such a terrific job of losing weight. But they had help. Imagine if you had a tv camera on you 24 hours a day and you were not in your normal setting where you get into bad habits of eating when you're tired, upset, or stressed out. You could do better also. Imagine if you had a coach in your face for those times when you should be exercising. Of course that would help you succeed at this difficult task.

Well, I don't have a tv show and I can't be at your house to motivate you to exercise and eat right. But, I can be here and I can share my experiences with you. Maybe that'll be enough to help you. So let's see if we can lose 8 pounds in the next eight weeks. Just you and me, 1 pound a week.

Here's what I will do. I will write in my diary (webblog) what I eat, how much I eat and how much exercising I do. I am going to try to write everyday, but I know with my schedule that will not always be easy. I may miss a day or two, but I will try to keep the non-writing days temporary.

What I would like you to do. I don't expect you to eat the same things I do. Your tastes and meal preparation time may be different than mine. But try to regulate what you eat and see if you can match me. I normally eat grits and eggs for breakfast, but you can have cereal or whatever, just look at the calories and fat calories.

It won't be easy, but I think it will be fun. As I write this is, it is Sunday, January 16, 2005. For breakfast, I ate 2 servings of instant grits (I am not a true Southerner, I live in Illinois.) With the grits I had one egg, 2 tablespoons of butter, 8 ounces of orange juice and a cup of hot tea.

This is probably a bad day for me to decide to start this article, because after going to church, my wife and I went over to the church's social hour and had some dessert, 1 cookie, 1 brownie and one small piece of coffee cake.

So that is the start of this day. I will add more as the day proceeds and will probably do better since I started the article. We'll see what happens. Please no matter when you start to read this article, you decide to start your weight loss program today. You can do it and we will do it together, so come spring time we can wear the clothes we want to wear, and feel good about ourselves.

At lunch time I did pretty good. I had a turkey sandwich with mayo, less than one serving of Tostito chips, a little salsa and a little cream cheese. I did have a slice of Apple pie. That was a bad thing. The positive was I only drank water instead of having cola or sweetened anything else.

Send me an email to webmaster [at] youcanlearnseries.com if you like and let me know you are starting also. We are in this together. Tell me where you are starting and let's make it happen before Easter. You can do it.

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