Day 34 - Challenge Yourself to Lose Weight in 8 Weeks

Part of the You Can Learn Good Health series.
By Ken Brown
February 19, 2005

Notice today's title. Challenge Yourself to lose weight in 8 weeks. It isn't a challenge against other people. It is a challenge against yourself. A chance to push yourself to greater achievement and self esteem. A chance to change yourself into someone else. A chance to grow as a person. A chance to watch your weight change.

Any time we are faced with difficulty and challenge, we have the potential to grow.
Difficulty by itself won't change us, it is our response to the difficulty. Did we step up to the challenge and forge an inner strength we didn't know we had? Did we wake up one morning and realize that we hadn't used all our potential to this point, but now, today, this moment, we were going to be better, stronger, happier and more determined to reach our goals.

We all have seen movies where the star of the show was low in self-esteem and character. Then after a series of misfortune, hard luck and disasters, this person found an inner person that was strong, able, and full of the stuff that makes heroes.

You have the stuff of heroes inside of you this moment. You have an inner strength that maybe hasn't shown itself to you yet. But it is there. You have it within you. You need to nourish it. You make it grow by acting courageously. That seed needs nourishment.

Our actor or actress, doesn't all of a sudden become a hero. The experience happens after a series of steps. Some successful, some failures. Yes, even heroes have failures. But each time, they are ready to quit and then they finally say, "I don't care, I have to save ... ". They pull themselves up for something bigger than themselves. They throw off the chains of self doubt and indecision and become a better person to society.

You have that skill. You also are a hero. You are a champion. I can see it in your eyes. You are sitting more straight as you read this. You are beginning to believe. You are that person on the big screen. Reaching your goals. Solving problems bigger than yourself. Becoming the person you always wanted to be. Start today by losing a calorie or two. It is such a small step, but with each successive step we get closer to our goal until one day we reach our goal.

What are our goals for this program? It is to eat healthy and exercise. Some will want to replace the words eat healthy with diet. What ever works for you. Weight loss is a habit. You need to change the old habit of eating foods high in sugars and fat and replace that habit with eating good foods. Foods low in calories, such as vegetables, instead of potato chips and candy bars. Drink water instead of pop and fruit juices.

Exercise by itself want cut it. Unless you are running 60 plus miles per week. Then you can probably eat what you want. But it is the combination of diet and exercise that will get you to your weight loss goals.

My exercise for today was weightlifting. I worked the shoulder muscles. I did front deltoid raises, shrugs, side deltoid raises, behind the neck press and military press with dumbbells.

Breakfast was 2 servings of grits, one scrambled egg, butter, orange juice, and milk. Lunch was a bologna sandwich with colby cheese, sliced cheeses, salsa and Tostito chips. Then Mary and I went to see the new movie Hitch. What a funny show about men, women and romance. Mary and I had buttered popcorn and lemonade. Since it was a late afternoon show, we really weren't hungry until about 9PM. Then, I decided I had to eat again. Rather than snacking, I ate a Michelina meal with 300 calories and had an apple. I think that was a relatively good choice.

Not a bad day for eating healthy and exercising. Good luck eating the good foods and do a little exercising. Have a great day!

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