Day 32 on the February Weight Loss in 8 Weeks Challenge

Part of the You Can Learn Good Health series.
By Ken Brown
February 17, 2005

The last 3 days have been good to me. I have reduced calorie intake and my pants are fitting a little bit better. I have reduced my waist by a fraction. Not a lot, but definitely heading in the right direction. Still have to quit eating those candy bars. But I see that stopping real soon. I have exercised in the last couple of days. Not as much weightlifting as I would like, but I am keeping up the walking. Just some wonderful experiences.

This weight loss challenge has been an eye-opening experience for me. One, just how hard it is to write everyday. Even about yourself. But this blog or diary has shown me how much ups and downs I experience everyday in my war against fat and weight gain. Some days I think I am heading in the right direction and then something happens and BAM, I go get a candy bar out of the candy machine. How does that happen? It is like I am magnetized and am being drawn to the machine against my will. Actually, I think I am willing myself to go to the candy machine.

I think back to last year at this same time when I lost 25 pounds in pretty much 8 weeks time. It was because my Doctor told me to do it and he had set up another appointment for me 3 months later. I remember procrastinating about it for a month and then realized I had better get going. I was motivated by fear, high blood pressure, and an authority figure, my doctor. My wife will tell me to lose weight, but I don't get as motivated by her as I did by my doctor.

What motivates you to exceed and succeed with a weight loss program? A special event or vacation? A comment by a coworker, friend, relative or spouse? Do you try for a couple of days and then revert back to your old habits? If someone were to promise you a million dollars if you reached a specific weight loss goal, do you think you could do it? How do you motivate yourself?

One method of self-motivation is to write down your goal every morning when you get up. Before you turn on the TV or radio, sit down and write 5 times, "I am at my goal weight of 155 pounds on March 15th" or whatever your goal weight is. Make it a positive statement. Make it believable. Can you honestly achieve that weight within the time frame you set? If you expect to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, I would doubt that as a believable goal, unless you are highly motivated and under a doctor's care.

Then before you go to bed, write the same statement 5 more times. As you drift off to sleep, set it as a little mantra to yourself, (not out loud) over and over. Then do it all over again the next day.

The mind is an interesting organ. After a few days of this mantra and positive goal statement, it will try to help you achieve your goal. It will silently recommend the salad when you go out with friends. Your mind will encourage you to say no to that piece of cake that is offered to you. Put this powerful organ to work for you and see what success you can achieve in your weight loss goals.

Today, I had my normal breakfast, only an extra scrambled egg. Don't know why, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Orange juice, milk and grits.

For lunch, I went to Subway. I must have been thinking about something else when preparing for work, because I totally forgot to make a lunch. 6 inch ham and turkey sandwich, with spinach, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. Then I included a bag of potato chips and a pepsi.

Dinner, I prepared sphagetti, broccoli, crescent rolls and water. There was no dessert, no extraneous eating. A success.

Good luck eating the good foods and do a little exercising. Have a great day!

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