Day 29 on the 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Part of the You Can Learn Good Health series.
By Ken Brown
February 14, 2005

What did you do today that helped you lose weight? Did you exercise? Were the foods you ate today conducive to losing weight? Did you substitute vegetables for potato chips? Was your Valentine's day wonderful and lovely? Did you celebrate with a dinner and candy? That is okay. Today is one of those days when it is okay to overeat. The key is to move forward tomorrow and eat what you know is right.

Today was an okay day for me weight wise. I started the day right and then didn't do as well as I should have as the day progressed. I weightlifted, concentrating on my legs. The exercises were squats, leg lifts, leg extensions, and duck squats. You always know when you
have had a good leg workout, because you can barely walk up stairs afterwards.

The foods I ate included grits and eggs for breakfast, milk, orange juice and oh yeah, there was some butter in the grits. Lunch was good with a turkey sandwich, green beans, and an apple. Then there was that candy bar I had late in the day. Bad, Bad, bad.

Supper was some frozen pizza from Red Baron. Not weight loss friendly. But we were busy and so we grabbed the fastest thing we could put together. We didn't eat until after 8:30pm.

Today, try to eat the good foods and do a little exercising. Good luck today and have a great day!

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