Day 13 on Holiday Weight Loss Challenge

Part of the You Can Learn Good Health series.
By Ken Brown
January 27, 2005

Today was a terrific day for me. I worked hard, walked for 2 miles, and enjoyed a meal with family and friends. A friend of my brother-in-law stopped by on his way back to Taiwan. We enjoyed great conversation, good food and fellowship.

My wife prepared a traditional meal for our family, Spaghetti, corn, green beans, garlic bread, Waldorf salad and Key Lime pie. Our new friend Scott, from Taiwan, appeared to have enjoyed the meal asking for seconds on everything. But more importantly, the conversation was stimulating, lively, funny and educational. Scott has a doctorate in Electrical Engineering and teaches in Taiwan.
I learned many wonderful and interesting things from Scott during his visit, including the wild New Year's celebration where people put their lives in danger. It is known as the Hornets Nest, fireworks shoot out in all different directions. People that engage in the activity wear motorcycle helmets and flame retardant clothing. It is more dangerous than the running with the bulls in Spain.

Scott told us about the new year's celebration in another city in Taiwan where residents write their wishes for the new year onto large 10 foot lanterns. The lanterns are then sent into the sky like hot air balloons. Mary and I thought that we would enjoy the lanterns more than the fireworks shooting at us.

My eating for today went fairly good. For breakfast I had one scrambled egg , 2 servings of Instant Grits with butter, 6 ounces of milk and 8 ounces of orange juice. Lunch was quick with a turkey sandwich with Colby Jack cheese, 2 slices of bread, a tablespoon of mayo and 1 serving of green beans. Plus, later in the afternoon I had a candy bar, an extra 250 calories.

Again, this is a good day. Many people would see the candy bar and key lime pie and go off of their diet. But, to me it is only a minor number of calories. I look at the whole week. The whole week was excellent. I am well below the number of calories I ate before the start of the holiday weight loss challenge.

I lost weight this week and if you ate like I did, you probably lost weight, too. You have to look at the whole picture. I exercised this week, twice. I ate many low calorie breakfasts. Many of my lunches were reasonable and I didn't pig out on calories and candy at dinner time. Very positive.

Let's do it again next week. Lose weight a little at a time and see what we look like at the end of next week.

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