Day 2 on Holiday Weight Loss Challenge

Part of the You Can Learn Good Health series.
By Ken Brown
January 17, 2005

How did you do today? I actually did pretty good today. I started strong at breakfast time and stayed motivated throughout the day. My diet worked today. I know that I made long term weight loss. A couple of hundred calories here and there, today and tomorrow and over time it starts to come off.

For breakfast I had two packages of Instant Grits, an 8 ounce glass of orange juice, one scrambled egg, 1 tablespoon of butter. I made my lunch before leaving the house. This is where I can really score big is at lunch time.
I ate a turkey sandwich ( 2 slices of bread and deli turkey sliced thin from the Jewel deli.) I include a generous helping of mayo. But I also brought 2 servings of frozen vegetables. The veggies I heat up in the microwave at the office. 4 minutes on high after I place them on a paper plate. Delicious.

Remember, I am substituting the veggies for potato chips or peanut butter crackers, so I score big when I make this switch. I drank water and about an hour before I went home for supper I had an apple. Normally, I trot downstairs to the candy machine and have two (yes, two) candy bars. So the apple really helps reduce the calories.

I also walked for about two miles today. I always estimate about 100 calories per mile. It is actually lower than that, but it provides me with a nice round number for calculation purposes. It was a beautiful walk. The temperature was 10 degrees above zero, fahrenheit. The windchill was below zero. Ice was everywhere. The sound of it crunching under your feet. The different textures ice gets when it freezes depending on if it is just standing water or it is flowing. Everything looks different when it gets that cold. It is gorgeous.

There was no candy before supper tonight. Candy is in the house, but I just said, no and got busy working. I fixed some chili for supper. Not sure what the calorie content is, but I had a lot of crackers and two slices of buttered bread. Drank milk with the meal and then had one small piece of candy. Remember, if you do well at breakfast and lunch, then you don't feel quite so bad when you have a little extra at dinner time.

Overall, I am going to rate this a good day on the calorie buster chart. I hope you did just as well. Good luck tomorrow.

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