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By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
November 26, 2007

Identify Your Customer and Build a Web Page Just for Her

Do you have problems identifying your target audience? Are you unsure which unique selling proposition to present to your potential customers? Are you afraid you are leaving money on the table because you aren't targeting the right people?

I have a solution for you. I had this brainstorm after reading an article by Sean D'Souza, Headlines: Do You Really Need 200 To Land A Good One?. The article was excellent and will definitely help you write headlines that drive business and paying customers to your website. Sean has it figured out as to how to identify your customer so you can target your headline to that customer. He has presupposed that each of his potential customers represents a market where you can make substantial revenue.

To paraphrase his target headline strategy. You sell a product that has a certain appeal to millions of individuals. As you sit in your shiny castle trying to create a headline to reach all the millions you decide you have a target audience. Sean say's to throw away that target audience. Then pick 5 different segments of the audience that have 5 different appeals. Then choose one person from each segment.

Throw Away Your Target Audience

Where before you had a market of 5 million potential customers that you think might be interested in saving money, high quality, easier processing, quick cleanup and great gift idea. Now you have 5 specific customers. Five individuals who will sit with you and tell you what is important to them. You might have named your target audiences with cutesy names like "Cheap Freaks", "Quality Gurus", "Time Savers", "Clean Freaks" and "Gift Givers". Well now each of your five groups have a new name. You have Stephanie, Clarissa, Rhonda, Urvi and Josephine.

You can sit with each of these customers and find out what is important to each of them. And according to Sean, you can find out which headline will drive them to your website. At this point Sean say's to pick one of the five and write your headline to just that one person. Then you will have a specific person coming to your website who really represents one million, five million or even a "squillion" customers just like Stephanie or Clarissa or Rhonda or Urvi or Josephine.

I say that Sean doesn't go far enough. I think he is right on with the strategy, but this is a new age of marketing. You can do so much more than ever before.

Test New Headlines, New Copy, ...

I grew up in the Direct mail industry. In direct mail you had a limited budget and you would create a mail piece that you thought would drive the most business. That one mail piece might be mailed to 5 million people. But, then you would test other ideas. New headlines, new copy, and new unique selling propositions. Each of your tests would go out to a representative number of people. You might mail slightly different versions of your master direct mail piece to 5,000 people or depending on your ad budget, groups of 50,000 people.

After the mailing you would wait 1 week, 2 weeks or even 3 weeks before you began to get results. Then after another 3 to 4 weeks you began to analyze the results. How did your tests perform against the control? Did a specific headline drive more requests for information? Did a change in the text or copy perform better and produce more sales per thousand mail pieces sent?

You wait for more info to arrive, you analyze the data some more and then you start the process all over again for the next mailing.

Today you can speed up this entire process. You already have a website. You already have a sales letter page (landing page) where customers come to learn more about your product and hopefully buy your product. Maybe you think you need a new headline. Maybe your copy sucks. What does your customer say about your product? Why do they buy? I recommend you talk to the Stephanies and Josephines. Not so you can change your one landing page. But to Jump Start Sales.

Brilliant Idea to Jump Start Sales

This is Internet Marketing at its best. You know different customers are motivated into buying your product for different reasons. Capitalize on that knowledge.

How do you currently drive your customers to your website? Do you send out direct mail pieces? Maybe have banner ads running on other websites. Do you count only on organic results? Do you send out a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter? What is getting customers to go to your landing page? We both know you already have this process established and you know what it is. It might (and should be) all of these methodologies.

Well here is an idea that will blow your mind. It works for direct mail, banner ads, magazine ads, organic search results and even newsletters. You know there is a need to test headlines, copy, color and positions of buy buttons. Here is my idea.

Build a Separate Landing Page for Each Individual

You identify what motivates each of your target individuals. Then you build a separate landing page for each of them. What??? A separate landing page for each individual. If you have identified 5 different target individuals then you build 5 separate pages. You can even build A/B splits for each page. Imagine being able to test your ideas and putting your marketing genius on the line. Sales should skyrocket. WIth the ability to build dynamic pages, any good programmer with a database could make this work.

If you sell laundry detergent you might have people looking at how they can remove stains from clothes. They would go to a page that would contain a hard sale of how your laundry detergent removes stains. Then another page would concentrate on making your whites whiter. You can then direct the user to buy on the same page or even have separate pages to place an order.

Why will this work? Because it is hard work. It could be expensive. But, you can capitalize on it because only a few will do it right. Think out your pages. Make sure you use your keywords to get the natural organic push you want. You should be able to go to a search engine and type in a specific query that is exactly right for that individual customer. And it should take the customer right to the page perfect for their specific selling proposition.

You have to make each of the sales messages different enough so you don't get dinked by Google and the other search engines. Create 5 separate headlines, five unique sales messages and make the perfect landing page to help you increase revenues. Give this strategy a try and see if you don't push your numbers through the roof.

Has Anyone Done This?

Has anybody done anything like this? Yes, the SEO site recently did a little contest. I don't think they realized that they were using this strategy, but it came out very close. The contest asked some of their members to come up with a sales letter. They received a number of unique ideas and then put them to the test. Each sales message was given some time on the website. They were able to measure the traffic to the pages and then how many potential customers made the decision to go on and buy their product. Their product was membership in SEOmoz.

This is a perfect example. Each of the sales letters worked. Some had a hard sell others had soft sell. Some of the messages were long while others were short. After a few weeks they had a clear winner. Now for their purposes they chose one message to continue with on their website. But, what if they could correctly identify the perfect sales message to the website visitor? Wouldn't that be awesome? Then when the customer came to their website they were already prequalified for that sales message. They are going to buy, because you already know how to motivate them to say "yes" to your product offering.

Have fun with this idea and learn about your customers and make a lot of money in the process.

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