Global Warming Hoax Carbon Credits

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By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
October 31, 2007

A recent blog by an SEO "expert" is what triggered this article. Apparently a week or two ago a number of blogs were each going to write about global warming to make sure that everyone is aware of climate change.

One of the SEO bloggers I read on a regular basis decided to write their article on carbon credits. This company evaluated all of their uses of energy. The heating costs. Their travel around the globe. The travel time to and from the office. Even the cost to run the office computers. After, calculating all of their energy uses they came up with a magic number of the amout of carbon they had emitted into our environment.

Some Magic Carbon Credit Offset Company

Then they went to some magic carbon credit company and found out what the carbon offset amount they should send to this company. This SEO expert decided that the carbon offset amount they needed to account for was a little over $300. But, they did something I couldn't believe. They sent this carbon offset amount to the carbon credit company.

What a horrible waste of money. Yes, I said it is a waste of money. The way I understand the carbon credit money exchange process is fairly simplistic. A company that uses a certain amount of energy should pay for the carbon pollution they push into the air we breathe. Then the money that is paid to the carbon offset company is used to exchange carbon amounts with companies that are above normal limits in expelling carbon dioxide.

What does the carbon offset company do with the money it receives? Well, that is why I think this whole process is a joke. The carbon offset company will plant trees. They will give carbon credits to companies who are exceeding their carbon footprint. They will invest in non carbon dioxide spewing technologies like solar power and windmills. Plus, they probably give some of their money to employees, the company president and the board of directors.

Feel Better about Saving the Environment

What can you do differently to make you "feel better" about saving the environment? I propose you do something locally. What is that old saying, "Think Globally, Act Locally?" I suggest you take that money you want to give some big name phony and invest it into your local community.

What does that mean, invest in your local community? Take that $300 and buy a tree for your home. If you don't need a tree in your landscape then buy a tree for your employees. Maybe they would like a tree. Buy a tree for your next door neighbor. Or how about helping your employees purchase a car that doesn't guzzle as much gas. Help your employees and friends to add extra insulation to their homes. Wouldn't it be beneficial to offer money to fix windows that leak heat and cold?

Why Send Your Money to Some Carbon Offset Company

Why send your money to some carbon offset company? That is so irresponsible. You feel good about yourself, but don't you really wonder if that money is used responsibly? How about looking out your window every morning and feeling good about yourself as you look at that Crimson King Maple tree? The joy you would feel when your employees come into work and tell you how much their gas bill has been reduced.

The joy of helping people in your local community can be tremendous. You reduce man's effect on the environment and you are offering others a chance to feel good. Your little corner of the world will be better.

Carbon Dioxide is Spewing all over the Planet

Have you ever thought that the carbon offset company probably has a board of directors that don't all live local to the company's physical location? So, where do they have the quarterly and annual meetings. In little city Tennessee or in Phoenix? Is the meeting in San Diego, the Bahamas, Paris, New York or Chicago? All these board of director members have to travel to these locations. Carbon dioxide is spewing all over the planet as these people travel to the annual meeting.

Somebody has to pay for the employees. Your carbon credits are not saving the planet. They are being used to run a company. You send $300 and $2 is added to a fund to buy a tree. Is the money really used to print a piece of paper telling you how much you have helped the environment? Don't you wonder about these things? When you give money to charities don't you look at their administration costs compared to the money used to help people?

Here is my suggestion. (This is all tongue in cheek. Don't take this section seriously.) Instead of sending money to the carbon offset credit company, send it to me. I will plant a tree in my yard, in my neighbor's yard, my children's yard, my parent's yard and maybe just on land like a park. If I get enough money (excuse me, carbon offsets) I might even buy some extra land to plant trees.

Send Your Carbon Offset Credit Money to Me

I have added some PayPal links so you can easily send your carbon credits amount to me. I will NOT use extra energy to thank you or to send you "carbon credits documents." I think I will keep 50% of the money you send me just to put in my pocket and to buy nice things for my wife. You will NOT receive any tax benefits. I am a FOR PROFIT person.
Here is a little chart you can use to know how much money to send me. there is absolutely no science behind this chart. It is just there to make you think.
Energy Use Carbon Offset Amount
Drive a car $50 a Year
Drive a car and live in a 1500 square foot home $100 a Year
Drive a car and live in a 3000 square foot home $200 a Year

Pay $50 Carbon Credit Offset

Pay $100 Carbon Credit Offset

Pay $200 Carbon Credit Offset

Thank you for supporting my family with your generosity and desire to help our environment. Now remember, I am using this article to make a point. I do not expect anyone to actually send me money. But, I really want to make fun at the people that send their money to some unknown entity expecting them to solve their carbon dioxide guilt.

Spend Your Carbon Offsets Locally

Instead, I recommend you spend your carbon offsets locally. Work within your community and with your employees to solve the global warming problem. I like quoting Tolstoy, "Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing themselves." Act locally and you too can change the world.

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