Beginning 2014 Broken Arm and New Hope

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By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
January 2, 2014
This is January 2nd, 2014 as I write this today. Mary is working from home today because of the snow that has hit Chicago. We were supposed to receive 1 to 3 inches over the Holiday. I heard a report that we had up to a foot of snow. We are still getting lake effect snow of another inch or two this morning.

I haven't used my snowblower yet today waiting for the snow to taper off. Then I can clean up once and not have to make multiple trips. The problem is the temperature is supposed to plummet tonight to below zero. Then on Monday and Tuesday it isn't even going to reach 0 degrees for the whole day. Wowsers. That is cold.

But Hey. It is winter. In Chicago. It is supposed to be cold.

Our holiday was wonderful. On New Years Eve, Mary and I spent time with the Johnsons playing games, eating junk food and then beginning the New Year with a pizza. We also went outside at midnight and banged pots and pans. It was great fun and the evening went fast.

New Years day we began the day with Mass at Annunciation Catholic Church in Aurora. Then went out for breakfast. The sad part was the roads were passable but snowy. So, the driving was a slow go. After breakfast, Mary and I went to see a movie, "Saving Mr. Banks." A lovely show, a tear jerker. I think Emma Thompson may win an Oscar for her performance as Pamela Travers.

After we arrived home we received a call from Mary's Mom that Mary's brother, Joe, had broken his arm sledding with his kids and a couple of the grand nephews and nieces. The sad part is he was supposed to be driving back to Boston that same day. Sometimes things like that happen. Joe is resilient so he will be back to his high energy enthusiasm in no time at all. I think he may need surgery on the arm, but that can wait until he arrives back in Boston. As I write this, the snowstorm hitting Chicago is heading to Boston and should dump 12 inches of snow there as well.

I see that I did not write any blog articles in 2013. I am not surprised by that as I had shut down Adgitize and I was fairly bummed out about having to shut it down. I have been asked by a former Adgitizer to look into the possibility of creating a new network for writers where they can write articles, post it to the site and possibly earn some money for their writing.

I am in the process of researching the possibility of creating this writer's network, so I am doing some testing on my YCLS site. I have enhanced the advertising adding numerous new banner ads. Creating larger 300 X 250px ads and placing them at the top of my pages. I am working with Share A Sale, Amazon and Google Adsense. I will make the most money from the Google Ads, but I am interested to see how the Amazon and Share a Sale ads perform.

I don't earn any money from Amazon or Share a Sale unless something is purchased from their sites. To increase the chances, I have created web controls so an ad for sporting equipment is shown on the weightlifting section and garden tools and books ads are seen on the Landscape pages. I have worked hard to make the ads relevant to the people visiting the pages.

I am surprised at how many people are actually clicking the ads. Google had said that the best performing ad sizes were the 300 X 250px, but I was reluctant to use them because they take up so much real estate. We will track, evaluate and determine the viability of the ads and continue to research the writers network.

Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to a wonderful 2014.

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