How to Drive Traffic with Entrecard

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By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
June 12, 2008

This is a little how to on how you can get more traffic from using the service known as Entrecard. For the purposes of this discussion I am going to assume you already know what Entrecard is all about and you are just looking to drive more traffic to your site.

The first thing you need to realize is that not all traffic is the same. In the Entrecard community you have many different dropping techniques and everyone thinks their technique is the best. I am not naive enough to think these are the only methodologies, just some good things to think about.

Popular Entrecard Dropping Strategies

  • Drop only on blogs that drop on you, using the Entrecard InBox.
  • Drop on blog A, then click the Entrecard and drop on the new blog presented.
  • Create a list through Bookmarking your browser of blogs that you want to drop on regularly.
  • Drop on cards in the forums.
  • Go to one of the power dropping sites and use their list
  • Create your own power dropping list that others aren't aware of.
Now, before you get all excited about these different ways to drop you need to ask yourself why do you drop Entrecards? Some answers might be to drive more traffic to your blog. To score Entrecard credits so you can advertise on other blogs and drive more traffic to your blog. To accumulate Entrecard credits so you can sell them for cash or barter them for other services.

Why Use Entrecard for Traffic?

What are you going to do with the extra traffic coming to your web site? Are you looking for non-active bloggers in Entrecard that only drop on people that drop on them? Are you looking for readers to your blog? Are you looking for subscribers to your feed? Are you looking for commenters to your posts? Knowing the answers to these questions will help determine your dropping strategies.

Entrecard in some circles has a reputation that you receive garbage traffic. This means traffic that is not reading your blog, traffic that is not going to other pages, traffic that is not commenting and even traffic that never clicks on your ads. But, I am here to tell you that there is good traffic from Entrecard, too.

If you are looking for commenters, feed subscribers, readers and good traffic then you have to do some things on your blog first before you begin to use Entrecard. One, I recommend you write some content. You should set a schedule of writing so long term readers come to know when you post and the style of your writing. You can post once a week if your writing is great, otherwise plan on writing more often and hope you hit a great article once in a while.

Nothing Drives Away Readers and Subscribers Faster

Nothing drives away readers and subscribers faster than inconsistent or poor writing. Nothing makes a writer better than writing consistently. Well, I suppose learning how to write might help a little, too. If you want to get commenters then you have to be a little provacative in your writing. Take a position and then argue for that position. Then let people feed off the other side by writing comments. Otherwise the best you can hope for is "Wow, great article dude."

Okay, you have some great articles and you are committed to writing regularly. Now, go drop some Entrecards. Where to start? Well, if you are looking for commenters find some Entrecarders that like to comment. Where might that be? Try the Entrecard forums as a starting place. Choose a thread and drop on every Entrecard on the thread. These people might drop back on you. If your content interests them they might come back another day. Depending on each article they might comment or subscribe. Then again, they might not.

Join in on The Conversations in Entrecard Forums

Don't be afraid to join in a conversation within the Entrecard Forums. Once Entrecard members get to know you they might visit your site more regularly. Especially, if there is something of value for them. At the very least you will make friends, educate us or piss us off. All very worthy goals.

Next, try dropping on your inbox. Go to your dashboard and click on the folder labeled inbox. These represent the people who have dropped on you. Click on each of the images and drop your card. Be sure and read each article and comment and subscribe as appropriate.

Entresurfing - Evil or a Blessing?

Have you reached 300 drops yet? I didn't think so. Some people use a strategy called, Entresurfing. Actually, I don't know what it is called. But, you can click on one image in your inbox and drop your Entrecard. You see the "Thank you" message and then you click on the image or the Entrecard advertisement for that page. When the next blog loads up you do it again. You keep doing that until you reach an image you have already dropped on. Then find another image to start all over again.

Some people frown upon people that Entresurf, but if your goal is to get new readers and visitors to your blog, then this is a great way to do it. It takes a while for all the blogs to load and you can burn 1 to 5 hours to reach 300 drops. But, you can do this for a week and you might reach 1200 or more new people. That is a great way to get new traffic to your web site.

After you build up Entrecard credits then you can begin advertising. Choosing the right advertising for your blog is enough for another article. But, the goal is to find blogs that have entresurfing going on so you can get more "NEW" traffic to your site. Remember, in this scenario we are using Entrecard to get traffic. Ideally, unique traffic. I am assuming you aren't just looking for the same traffic over and over, but you are looking for solid new traffic that might become readers, subscribers and commenters.

Quick Dropping Techniques

If you are looking to just advertise then there are ways to decrease the amount of time it takes to drop 300 cards a day. There are many articles on how to drop faster. Basically, bookmarking your browser and opening many bookmarks at once is one methodology. Building an html page that contains just your special fast loading Entrecard members links. Then just go down the list and open. This would be a list you can maintain and change; adding and dropping members as things change.

Why Did You Join Entrecard?

Why have you joined Entrecard? Have you been swayed in other directions from other member's methodologies? Did you join to get more unique traffic? Did you know that Entrecard had over 10,000 members? So, why are you dropping on the same 100 blogs everyday? What are you gaining by your current strategy? Sometimes you lose focus of your goals. Today is a good day to reevaluate your drop strategy or to find a new startegy.

If you are looking for additional strategies then read, Why Do I Drop Entrecards and What is My Strategy.

Success is Achieved by doing the fundamentals - Are you happy with the results. Did we get the number of visitors we wished for? Did our visitors click on revenue producing links and ads? Were our page views up for the year or down? Did users visit more than one page? Did they make it to the order form and then abandon or did they continue and purchase our products?

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