Why Do I drop Entrecards and What is my Strategy?

Part of the Kenno's Blog series.
By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
February 16, 2008
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Do You Treat Your Entrecard Dropping as A Business? Why do you drop Entrecards? Do you have a specific strategy that you regularly follow? Do you chain drop? Do you reciprocate drops? Do you drop 300 cards a day? Do you just drop within your category or do you target specific categories? Do you ever read the blogs you drop on? Is it possible to get an Alexa Boost by dropping cards? Are you dropping cards for the money potential of the Entrecard credits?

Treating Entrecard Dropping as a Business Event

I treat my Entrecard dropping as a business. How much time does it take to drop 100 cards? What else could I be doing with that time? How much money is it costing me? Do you know what it costs to drop an Entrecard? Do you know how much your time is worth?

Most people I think will tell you they are involved in Entrecard for the Advertising benefits it provides for their blog. They are interested in driving traffic. If you are a new blog you might not be able to afford $100 a month in advertising. Entrecard is perfect for you. Just by dropping cards you can make some Entrecard credits which then allows you to advertise. You get more traffic and earn more credits and off you go into blogging success.

But, if you are making money on your blog could you get the same amount of money without using as much of your personal time? If you drop Entrecards an hour a day, could that time be used to write more? Should you be calling on a client instead of in front of the computer? When was the last time you wrote an article for your blog?

These are questions you should regularly ask yourself. If you are just going to sit in front of the TV anyway, then drop until it's bedtime. But, if you are taking time out of when you could be making money then you may want to rethink your Entrecard strategy.

Reciprocal Dropping

Some people seem to be offended if you don't reciprocate their drops. I have many different strategies. I like to reciprocate drops. I don't think it is required and I know I miss dropping on some people because I can't do this all the time. I think the new rssfeed along side the row of recently dropped lists (top right hand corner) will allow more people to reciprocate.

I don't think you should ban people that don't reciprocate. We all have different strategies. Would you like it if someone were to ban you because you didn't comment on their article? Or if you didn't Stumble their article? No, that is silly. The Entrecard community is a large town of people with many different interests and goals. You can't expect everyone to follow your strategy.

Should You Chain Drop?

What is chain dropping? Entrecard chain dropping is when you drop your Entrecard on site A. Then you click on the Entrecard image (advertising image) and go to site B. Then you drop your card on site B. Then you repeat the process by clicking the Entecard advertising image and going to site C.

Now, if you follow this process you will eventually run into a site you have already dropped and the chain ends.

Do you chain drop? Is there an advantage to this behavior? Well, it depends on who you talk to. Personally I chain drop. The advantage I see by chain dropping is I reach sites that I may never reach any other way. I am not interested in dropping my card on the exact same 100, 200 or 300 blogs everyday. What is the advantage of doing that? Would you advertise on a blog that never gets new traffic? Of course not.

Imagine you advertise on a blog that gets 300 visitors a day. In the first week all 300 visitors took the time to stop by your blog. Would you stop advertising on that blog? I would. You have to remember why you drop cards. Is it for the money? If that is your motivation then you want to drop as fast as possible and you don't care about the traffic to your blog. But, if you are dropping for the advertising and driving new business to your web site then you need to constantly find new markets.

Chain dropping in my opinion allows you to find those untapped markets. I think why some people don't like chain droppers is because of the Entrecard credit boost those advertisers are receiving. But, I want those visitors. I love chain droppers. I want you to stop on my web site. I want you to read this article. I want you to Stumble the article. I want you to click on my ads that interest you. I want more traffic which is why I am involved in Entrecard.

Entrecard Recently Added List

I am also interested in the recently added list, because they probably have never visited my web site. That's right. You see I don't know who is going to like my blog. I don't know if you are going to be the source of my next Stumble. I don't know if you will be the person that links to this article.

When I am dropping Entrecards I am looking for new traffic. I would love everybody to come to my site and subscribe to my rss feeds and keep coming back day after day. But, the truth is I know only a handful of every 100 visitors will become a member of my little blog community. And that's okay. So, I just want to expose as many new people to my small world as possible. Some will stay and most will go.

The Entrecard recently added list I know will be mostly newbies. The chances are high they have never visited my site. This is their first look into my thoughts and concerns. If you are a newbie to You Can Learn Series web site then WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by!

Category Dropping

I like to stay within my category some days, which is Home and Garden, though I spend most of my time blogging about Internet Marketing and make money online topics. I really don't know which category I should place my widget into. When I first signed up with Entrecard I was not blogging about on line marketing. For some reason I have gravitated to this category. Maybe it is my minor in marketing or maybe it is because I watched too many Fred Flintstones cartoon shows as a child.

But, I do make it a habit to drop my Entrecard on the Home and Garden section. I have a terrific Landscaping and gardening section to my web site and I know that many of the Home and Garden enthusiasts will love my site if they visit. Plus, I think they could gain real value from advertising on my pages. So, pretty regularly I drop my cards on their pages to let them know I am still around.

Dropping within your category insures you become a mover and shaker in that category. Invariably the bloggers in a market will talk about other bloggers in that same market. You want to either be one of the people talking or be talked about. What is that old saying, "I don't care what they say, just as long as they are talking about me?" That probably isn't the exact quote but you get the idea.

There is tremendous value in seeing what the bloggers in your market category are doing and talking about. As a member of that community you may gain from their ideas or even better; express your ideas influentially to that group.

Dropping Entrecards for the Alexa Boost

I like the Alexa boost of the Online Marketing and make money categories, so I try to score there regularly. Let's face it. Alexa can be scammed. In my opinion the whole Alexa process is flawed. If every single person on the planet was required to run the Alexa tool bar then it would work.

It turns out that isn't true. Just a handful of the 6 billion people on the planet actually surf the web with the Alexa Toolbar. Now, we can identify those people pretty easily. Tech people might run it. But, we know that advertisers are highly likely to run it. So what Entrecard categories might contain people that are running Alexa? It could be the Marketing, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing, Blogging Resources, Web Development, and Business categories.

I admit that this is just a theory with me. I just know that I see ebs and flows in my Alexa score and I attribute it to this theory. It could easily be an effect from the advertising I have been running on Project Wonderful.

Do You Drop 300 Entrecards a Day

I have a "must drop 300 cards today list," which I will bring out on occasion. But, not often. I don't see much value in just dropping cards for the sake of dropping cards. When I first started with Entrecard I really wanted to be one of the first three in my category. Now, I know that isn't really that important.

I know that Yimto consistently drops three hundred everyday. It only costs 452 Entrecard credits to advertise on his site. Ouch! His Entrecard drop rank is: Takes Dropping Very Very Seriously. But, I like Tim, because he always includes me as one of his 300 drops. I appreciate it.

I do try to drop 100 cards everyday. I miss on some days from achieving that goal. But, if your goal is to drive traffic to your web site then dropping 300 cards everyday is important. Because when you drop cards you don't know who will visit your site. Since there are so many strategies then you want to encourage as many people as possible to visit your blog. If you have the time and energy and you haven't developed carpal tunnel syndrome yet, then drop away.

Reading the Blogs

There is no requirement that you have to read the blogs where you drop your Entrecard. You might be criticized by some people if you are a Drive by Dropper. But, everybody has different reasons for doing Entrecard. If you want to be a Drive by Dropper, then God Bless you. Keep doing what works for you.

I love to read the blogs. I learn about what is going on. I can analyze writing styles. I can stay atop the new trends in the blogging field. Sometimes I will start a card dropping segment at night and find out after half an hour I have only dropped 10 cards. What have I been doing? I have been reading the blogs. Commenting on the blog articles. Stirring up trouble and I have been Stumbling the articles.

In essence, I have been involved in the community. That is what reading the blogs are all about. Becoming part of the larger blog community. I don't read every article placed in front of me. Let's face it there is a lot of crap on the internet. Not your blog, I love your blog, it's the other ones I don't read. :)

But, you have to love how some writers are able to hook you into the article. Their prose is so charming that you can't stop until the very end. When it is over you are aching for the article to be longer. You want more. Those I read. Those I am most likely to subscribe to.

If you think you don't have enough readers then work on your writing skills. Make your articles longer. I know there are bloggers that run away if they don't see an image or video every 2 paragraphs. But, community members will stick around. They will comment and Stumble and will enjoy the dance of the language. They enjoy having their brains stimulated.


Do I have a strategy? I guess you can say I don't have a strategy. It is a complicated strategy at best. But, it is helping me to double my traffic. I am boosting my Alexa rankings which will help me grow my advertising. I am seeing many cool articles and meeting a great many people that may become my friends in the years to come. Thank you for wading through this article. It was supposed to be a quick 10 paragraphs and done. It was supposed to be let's get it on the blog quick. It never happens that way. :)

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