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Blog Success CheckList

I encourage you to stay focused. Put this check list on your desktop and as you complete each task, then go on to the next task on the list. At the end of the day, ideally you have completed each of the tasks and you can sleep soundly knowing that you succeeded today.

Writing Check list

Write an Article Today
Research an Article
Visit a forum to get ideas about articles
Read other blogs, newspapers, and books
Study grammar
Look for new, stronger words instead of using adjectives
Do not write in passive voice.



Write Articles
Ask Questions
Become an Active Member


Comment on Other Blogs
Have a Comment section on your blog
Follow up with people that comment on your blog


Write regularly so people keep coming back each day.
Stay within your niche
Humanize it so we know you


Stumble other Articles
Write so your articles get stumbled

Social Networking

Become involved in a social network
Place a link to your articles on the network
Become a member of the community
Invite others to your community

Emails And Newsletters

Send out emails to your opt-in list
Write a new article just for them
Summarize your latest articles on your blog
Link to the articles in the newsletter
Send out the newsletter weekly or monthly


Create an Rssfeed.
Put it on feedburner
Keep your feed updated with your latest article


Use AdTolls
Use Project Wonderful
Use Text Link Ads
Evaluate their effectiveness.
Evaluate the cost per thousand impressions
Drop ads that arenít working
Spend more money on ads that are working


Drop at least 100 cards a day
Drop to different categories
Get involved in the Entrecard Forum


Place a MyBlogLog indicator on your website

Run a Contest

Find a prize you can afford
Keep the contest short ( a week )
Reward immediately

Submit Article To Google

Use the Sitemap.xml file
Login to Google and resubmit after each article
Link Each Article to Other Articles Youíve Written
Each article you write should have three links to it from your blog.



Research each one
Create your advertising
Write an article and link it to your affiliate number


Write reviews for other sites
Make it clear what you charge
Have a clear set of review criteria
Donít be afraid to be negative
Say some things positive


Are all links valid
Are you charging enough Ė test
Are your ads situated above the fold
Is potential adspace wasted with fluff
Could you put 2 ads where you now have one


Write ebooks for your niche
Length is determined by the market or eBook niche
Tell us HOW
Tell us WHY
Tell us WHEN
Tell us WHO Ė It had better be me

Google AdSense


Membership Programs

Are all links working?
Are you providing anything new to program?
Are the paid areas secure
Has the price been tested?

This is the checklist you need. Use it as your daily routine for success. Isnít success easy now that you know exactly what to do each day? Have you stopped reading and started doing?

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