Going to the Moon on a Wheel Chair

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By Ken Brown
Editor, You Can Learn Series
February 25, 2008
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Be a rock star with your Blog and GO to the moon! What do you mean go to the moon?

I just read an article about Google's robotic race to the Moon. It is called the Google Lunar X Prize and it is worth $30 million US dollars to one lucky winner. Could it be you?

Get Excited about Your Own Personal Goal

Let's face it. I don't expect you to go to the moon or to win the Google Lunar X Prize. But, I do want you to get excited about your own personal goal.

There are ten teams currently giving up their lives to achieve a personal dream of putting a robot on the moon. I don't know how many people are working on each of the projects within each team, maybe 50, 100 or even 5,000. I really don't know. But, I am sure there are people giving up family time, personal hobbies and relationships to achieve a spectacular goal. And wouldn't that be an exciting goal? To say, you put a robot on the moon. You didn't just orbit the earth. You didn't just put a satellite into space. You put a spacecraft down on the moon. You landed gently enough for a robotic device to exit the space craft and putt around the moon for a while.

Wow. But, that is their goal. What is your goal? You say you want to be rich. But, do you really? Have you written an article today? Have you commented on another blog today? Did you place an ad? Did you work on your website? Did you create a new product? Did you research ways to increase your revenue? Did you test an affiliate program on your blog?

The article about the lunar landing contest say's they have until December 31, 2012. That is five full years. Ten teams think they can win the contest and successfully launch a space craft from earth, send it across 384,403 km, and then land on the moon without crashing. I think crashing would be bad. The estimated cost of the one way excursion, $100 million dollars.

Can You Miss One Night's Sleep

If even one of these teams is able to research, plan, build, test, launch and land on the moon in only 5 years; then what can you do here on earth? If your dream isn't exciting enough for you to miss one night's sleep, then maybe you need to get a more exciting dream. If you aren't excited enough to tell your friends to go drinking one night without you, then get a bigger goal. Goals need to be challenging, but more importantly they need to INSPIRE YOU.

Are you invigorated in the morning when you get home. Do you have a plan? Have you researched possible solutions to your challenge? Have you written your goal on paper? Are you afraid someone might laugh at you if you tell them your goal? Is your goal stimulating enough to galvanize you into action? Does the goal wrap you in an inpenetrable shield of fortitude that prevents ridicule from reaching your inner core?

The Robo Basho Dream

Joe Johnson has a challenging goal. His goal is to create a robotic amusement game known as Robo Basho. He has a number of patents pending in the creation of this amusement game. He has sunk his life's savings into making this game a reality. Despite raising a family and being a committed member of his community, he spends every waking hour he can afford to make his dream a reality. In times when it looks like he should quit and just go back to being a successful engineer with several patents to his name, he finds the hidden strength and desire to try something new. Rebuild the robot's arms. Rework the battery power pack. Use new materials for the base. Joe will eventually reach his goal and succeed big time because of his persistence and FOLLOW THROUGH.

How is your follow through? Have you pushed through adversity yet? You lost your one RSS Subscriber after only one day? Boo Hoo. Imagine working on a rocket for 9 months, and on the first test see it explode before your eyes. Have you spent grueling hours thinking about something to write about only to give up and not post anything? Imagine sending a space ship to the moon only to see it miss and go careening into space never to return? Do you really have problems, or are you just lazy? There I said it. I am the most cruel person you know. I just committed the sin of writing.

But, evaluate your life. You see I believe you can achieve your most personal exciting goal. I believe you have it in you. I heard on the radio the other day that a young man with multiple sclerosis was confined to a wheel chair. He saw his friends doing jumps and flips and fun things on their skate boards. I imagine if I was in the wheel chair, I would just mope around and feel sorry for myself. But, not this boy. He imagined something different. The next thing you know he was going to the skate park. But, he didn't have a skateboard. He wouldn't be able to stand on it even if he did have one. You know what he did have with wheels? He had a WHEEL CHAIR.

Flips on a Wheel Chair

That's right. The kid, Aaron Fotheringham, decided he could do tricks with his wheel chair. He didn't need no stinkin skate board. Have you ever seen young boys first learn to skate board? They get hurt don't they? You bet they do. Despite helmets and kneepads and elbow pads these kids get scraped and bloodied. What happened to the boy in the wheel chair? He ended up getting scraped and bloodied. Did it stop him? No way! He kept trying and he became the first wheel chair person to do a flip.

Have you been scraped and bloodied blogging yet? I bet you haven't. You need adventure and excitement in your life. You need a goal that is breathtaking and fills you full of hysteria, furor and ACTION. That's the word I was looking for. Action. Take action and find a goal that dazzles you. Something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Something that consumes your very soul. A goal that you don't mind getting scraped and bloodied about each day.

Have You Been Scraped and Bloodied?

What is your Moon Shot? What is it that will drive you to forsake all your old habits that have taken you no where and replace it with an all consuming passion that drives you to the destiny that awaits you?

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